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NOTE: Pricing listed (in US Dollars) is for DOMESTIC (US and Canada) customers and does not include any additional testing and integration. Foreign pricing may be higher. Warranties vary from unit to unit. Consult Janis or your local representative for further details.

Model 120-250-010D Superconducting Magnet with Compensation Coil

Click image to enlarge view of Model 120-250-010D superconducting magnet with compensation coil available from Janis Research.

  • Solenoid configuration
  • 12 Tesla central field (4.2K) with compensation coil 
  • No 2.2K rating
  • +/- 0.1% central main coil field homogeneity over a 10 mm DSV
  • 2.5 inches clear bore
  • Rated operating current @ 12 tesla: 99.32A
  • Total Inductance: 31.4 H
  • Persistent switch heater current: 55 milliamperes
  • Fully protected against damage due to quench
  • Fully tested at 4.2K


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