Happy 50th Anniversary!

WE, the employee-owners of Janis Research Co. would like to thank YOU, the scientific research community, for helping us achieve this significant milestone.

Janis Research celebrates our 50th Anniversary in 2011

What are the keys to our 50-years of success?

Our Employees

A Janis engineer (most with advanced degrees) helps match the experimental requirements and budget with the optimal Janis system. Experienced in-house designers, machinists, welders, and technicians handle each project. Janis is fully employee owned; we as owners are personally driven to exceed expectations and provide true value in cryogenic research equipment.

Our Service

We reply promptly to emails and phone calls. A worldwide network of trained representatives provides local sales and service. Detailed system records are meticulously maintained for the reference of any future user.

Our Products

Janis offers the widest range of cryogenic equipment, from simple LN2 dewars to micromanipulated probe stations to dilution refrigerators. Standard systems are delivered quickly from stock, and custom designs are built to exact user specifications. Each system is fully integrated, tested, and inspected prior to shipment.

Our Customers Say...

“A most satisfying experience. It was a pleasure to work with the Janis chief engineer to design a custom system adapted to our exact needs. Once delivered, the system exceeded the specifications. I will definitely use Janis for future cryogenics equipment.”

“Thanks so much for all your help… getting such good product support for an 18-year old piece of equipment is remarkable!”

“… Janis developed a hardware solution for a critical cryogenic component…. Starting with a blank sheet of paper Janis was able to deliver production units in less than 90 days at a cost of less than 10% of the original item…. The units were found to perform more efficiently than the original item…. This has been the typical result in all of our dealings with Janis Research Co., Inc.”

“I have used Janis cryostats for 18 years, including continuous flow and SuperVariTemp models. My workhorse 10DT has been a gem; it never gave [us] any trouble, and the LHe and N2 hold times were everything they were promised to be. I have been very pleased with it.”

“We were able to sit down with the Janis technical staff to work out system details…. Working cooperatively we obtained the needed system on a fairly short time scale and at reasonable cost.”

The above testimonials are just a sampling of how our dedicated staff of physicists, engineers and technicians has helped researchers through our fifty years. Please contact us to see how we can help you with your experimental requirements.


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