Cryostats for Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy (ARPES)

Janis is a world leader in the design and manufacture of cryostats for ARPES applications. We choose materials and employ fabrication techniques that are strictly compatible with the most demanding UHV requirements. Our applications physicists are ready to assist you in the selection of a standard or custom designed system precisely configured to meet your unique experimental needs. Janis systems for ARPES include:

Sub-K ARPES Click here to enlarge view of Janis Research's cryostat for Sub-K Angular Resolution Photoemission Spectroscopy (ARPES).  This is our model HE-3-BLSUHV-CF bottom-loading, continuous flow He-3 cryostat with sample located in UHV environment.

  • Sub-K system developed for high-resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy below 1 K or other applications with similar requirements.  Click here for more information.  Photos of this 4-axis sub-K system at the customer's facility can be found on our Facebook page at on our Photos tab.
  • Cooling provided by a continuous flow He-3 cryostat
  • Bottom loading sample located in UHV environment
  • System can be operated in continuous or single-shot mode
  • Approximately 500 mK base temperature at He-3 pot depending on beam line aperture
  • Approximately 900 mK base temperature at the bottom of the cold finger depending on beam line aperture (Model HE-3-BLSUHV-CF)
  • Approximately 625 mK base temperature at the bottom of the cold finger depending on beam line aperature (Model HE-3-SSUHV-CF)  Click here for more information.
  • 5-axis high power sub-K He-3 cryostat (Model HE-3-BLSUHV-CF-sub-K)  Click here for more information.

4 K ARPES Click image to enlarge view of model ST-400 cryostat.  This is a 4 K system used for ARPES applications.

  • 4 K systems based on proven ST-400 continuous flow cryostat.  Click here for more information on our ST-400 cryostats.
  • Only electropolished stainless steel and gold plated copper are exposed to sample vacuum
  • Fully bakeable to 200 degrees C, sample temperature range to 500 K (800 K optional)
  • High efficiency design typically offers <500 ml/hr LHe consumption
  • Overall length, cold finger and thermal shield diameters are custom configured
  • Integrated UHV electrical wiring access (multi-pin or coaxial) provided
  • Internal control thermometer and heater are not exposed to chamber vacuum

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