Systems for Quantum Computing

Janis provides the Cryostats to meet your quantum computing research needs.  No matter what your specific requirements, Janis can help.

Superconducting Qubits

Model JDry-500-QPro 3He-4He dilution refrigerator features:

  • Base temperature:  7 mK
  • Cooling power:  14 µW @ 20 mK and 500 µW @ 100 mK
  • Light tight shields @ 50 K, 3 K, 10 mK
  • Provisions for 270 SMA semi-rigid cables
  • 48.9 cm dia. by 25 cm deep experimental volume
  • Base temperature in 36 hours using LN2 precooler
  • Integrated resistive and CMN thermometry control electronics
  • Oil-free fully automated gas handling system

Model JDry-500-QPro dilution refrigerator used by Google to cool their first quantum processor phototype, ref 18150, superconducting qubits, ultra low temperature

Mixing Chamber cooling power chart for JDry-500-QPro, used to successfully cool Google's first quantum processor prototype

JDry-500-QPro dilution refrigerator with gas handling system and pump, ref 18150


Successfully cooled Google's first quantum processor photo


mK Hybrid Quantum System

Main features:

  • Cryogen free
  • UHV environment
  • 13 mK base temperature
  • 450 microwatt cooling power at 100 mK
  • 12 x current leads (up to 10A) installed for SC coils to trap atoms etc.
  • Windows for lasers, CCD camera, etc.

mK Hybrid Quantum System

mK Hybrid Quantum System, quantum information, Janis Research

mK hybrid quantum information system, Janis Research

hybrid quantum information system, ultra low temperature, Janis Research

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