Systems for Scanning Probe Microscopy

Janis provides the Cryostats to meet your Sub-Kelvin Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) needs.  We have standard designs available for SPM, including Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), plus the capability of custom building any system to your specifications.  No matter what your specific requirements, Janis can help.

Published papers from Janis customers:


Click image to enlarge view of model JDR-50-TL-UHV dilution refrigerator insert for scanning probe microscopy.  Also shown, gas handling system.  Reference 14740.Temperatures Range 0.009-1 K:  Dilution Refrigerators and Helium-3 Cryostats
Magnetic Fields:  Solenoid Magnets up to 17T, Vector Magnets up to 9-4T or 9-1-1T
UHV compatible:  <10-10 Torr


  1. Using Janis’ 50 years of experience to provide quiet, low vibration, low RF noise environments for atomic resolution. 
  2. High B/T (103 T/K)capabilities 
  3. High degree of customization to meet your individual needs 
  4. Use all welded and brazed construction 
  5. All electopolished Stainless Steel, Gold Plated Copper, Silver Plated Aluminum 
  6. Use of non-magnetic materials 
  7. Fully Bakable Systems 
  8. Fully Automatic Gas Handling Systems with color touch-screen and one-button cool-down 
  9. Sophisticated Wiring to meet the needs of user’s
  10. Low Helium Consumption

Dilution Refrigerators

ultra low temperature dilution refrigerators for scanning tunneling microscopy, ULT STM, SPM, model JDR-50-TL-UHV reference job 14740 ultra low temperature dilution refrigerators for scanning tunneling microscopy, ULT STM, SPM, performance chart, data provided by Unisoku - Main features:

  • Top loading UHV STM/sample environment
  • Cooling power:  120 or 250 µW@100 mK
  • Base temperature:  35 or 15 mK
  • 9-4T or 9-2-2T vector magnets
  • Integrated sample cleaver/mechanical heat switch/IR light shutter
  • Up to 7 days continuous sample studies

He-3 Systems

Typical performances:

  • Top loading UHV STM/sample environment
  • 370 mK STM/sample base temp
  • 500 mK sample electron temperature per SC gap measurement
  • >100 hour holding time at base temp
  • < 1pm tip to sample vibration level
  • 10pA-1pA vibration noise

He-3 system for scanning tunneling microscopy

Si(001) 0T, 470 mK (3He pot 330 mK) STM topographic image (+2.2V 400 pA), scanning tunneling microscopy, ultra low temperature.  Data provided by Unisoku -

He-3 system for STM

Si(001) 0T, 470 mK (3He pot 330 mK) STM topographic image (+2.2V 400 pA)

STM topo noise spectroscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, ultra low temperature, ULT STM

Click to view enlarged image of Si(001) atomic magnetic field stability, ULT STM He-3 systems

STM topo noice spectroscopy

Si(001) atomic magnetic field stability

Data provided by Unisoku (

Existing designs include:

Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM)

  • Helium-3 cryostat with top-loading sample located in ultra high vacuum environment -
    HE-3-TLSUHV-STM for Atomic Resolutions
  • Helium-3 cryostat with standard loading sample located in ultra high vacuum environment - 

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM)

  • Helium-3 cryostat with bottom-loading sample locatedin ultra high vacuum environment -
  • Ultra high vacuum compatible Dilution refrigerator - JDR-500-STM
  • Custom designs (see below)

Cryostats for Low Temperature System for Attomic Force Microscopy (AFM)/Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM)

Custom engineered system for atomic force microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy from Janis Research, afm, stmShown to the right is a special helium dewar supplied to Seoul National University in South Korea. This unit was to be integrated into a UHV surface analysis system which includes instruments such as an AFM/STM probe. Featuring a modular design, this cryostat required the full complement of Janis' design and manufacturing capabilities—all at a cost far below our competitors.

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) Superconducting Magnet System with Optical Access

custom designed atomic force microscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy superconducting magnet system with otpical access from Janis Research, afm, stmAn 8 T split superconducting magnet system has been designed and built for a Scanning Tunneling Microscope with optical access to the microscope cooling stage. The microscope is top loaded into a UHV space that can be baked out to a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius without affecting the superconducting magnet or the rest of the cryostat. The system offers variable temperatures from below superfluid helium temperatures up to room temperature. Several variations are available on this basic design, enclosing bottom optical access, cryostats for Scanning Near Field Optical Microscopes, Atomic Force Microscopes, etc.  Please visit our UHV Compatible Superconducting Magnets web page.


The Janis Difference

  • Fifty Years of Leadership in Cryogenic Innovation and Quality
  • World-Class Ultra-low Temperature (ULT) & Ultra-high Vacuum (UHV) Expertise
  • Complete Design Support & Customization for Your Specific SPM Applications
  • Used by Many of the World's Leading Advanced Materials Researchers & Labs

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