Janis wins its second NASA Public Service Group Achievement Award!

June 2000



Click image to enlarge view of Janis Research's first NASA Public Service Group Achievement Award for the SIRTF Telescope Test Facility dewar.Click image to enlarge view of Janis Research's NASA Public Service Group Achievement Award for the Fast Alternative Cryogenic Experiment Testbed (FACET) Cryostat.R&D 100 award

As a world-wide leader in laboratory cryogenics, Janis has developed many custom cryogenic configurations. Many of these have been refined into a standard product line and are available from inventory.

What about your requirements? Aren't research and standard products contradictory? Your project is special and special equipment is often required.

Janis Research has the track record to back up its claim as the leader in custom cryogenics. Over the course of the past four years, Janis has received three major awards. In 1996, Janis received a NASA Public Service Group Achievement Award for the SIRTF test cryostat, delivered to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for characterization of mirrors at liquid Helium temperatures. In 1998, Janis was awarded a R&D 100 Award for the development of a capillary cooling cryostat, allowing the disciplines of FLNS and capillary electrophoresis to be combined for the first time. The trend continues in 2000, with Janis receiving another NASA Public Service Group Achievement Award, again from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This time it was for Janis' performance on the FACET program, the development of a cryostat to comply with the Shuttle Hitchhiker program and providing a platform for microgravity experimentation. This second PSGAA, for a small company, is without precedent in the history of the JPL program and perhaps in all of NASA.

The combination of these awards clearly states, in a manner no publicity rhetoric can, that Janis has the capability, the track record, and the will to go beyond the commonplace and provide what others cannot. The Janis Research staff has the experience and the knowledge to help even the most challenging program.

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