JDry-500 has arrived!

September 2008

Janis Research Company has successfully launched its new cryogen-free 3He-4He dilution refrigerator on the very first cool-down (see pictures below).

Specifications after first cool-down:

  • 36 hours (conservative first cool-down, no heat switch used) from start to base temperature using PT-405 pulse tube;
  • 7.5 mK base temperature at optimal circulation rate as measured with compact CMN thermometer, calibrated against superconducting fixed point device;
  • Cooling power up to 450 µW at 100 mK at maximum circulation rate (see plot below)
  • No JT compressor required, condensing pressure is always below 0.7 bar absolute (see in Kurt Uhlig, "Condensation stage of a pulse tube pre-cooled dilution refrigerator", Cryogenics, v. 48, iss. 3-4, p. 138-141. 03/2008);
  • No change in performance when tilted at 11 degrees

The system includes a very quiet oil-free pumping station based on Roots technology (water cooled) and Janis LabVIEW 7 software for resistive and CMN thermometry, as well as pressure and flow control.

Click here for more information on our cryogen free dilution refrigerators.

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JDry-500 insert, cryogen free dilution refrigerator

cryogen free dilution refrigerator model JDry-500 insert from Janis Research


Model JDry-500 cryogen-free dilution refrigerator

chart of cooling power for model JDry-500 cryogen-free dilution refrigerator


JDry-500 cooling power


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