3 Tesla Superconducting Magneto-Optical Micro-Manipulated Probe System

December 2009

Janis Research Company is pleased to announce that it is offering a new series of micro-manipulated probe systems with a 3 Tesla superconducting magnetic field. The probe station operates from 4.2 K up to 400 K with a magnetic field that varies between zero and 3 Tesla. The probe station can be used either with liquid helium or liquid nitrogen (when not operating the magnet). The system can be provided with up to six low frequency or microwave (up to 67 GHz) probes or optical fiber probe arms, and is ideal for the study of magneto-optical and magneto-electrical properties in a variety of experiments, including quantum dots, spintronic devices and nanoscale electronics. Several types of probe tips are offered with 3-axis precise manipulation for each probe, along with probe cooling to minimize the heat load to the device under test.

The system offers a 2” diameter chuck and cools down to 4 K in approximately 90 minutes and will operate at that temperature with a helium consumption of approximately 2.5 liters per hour. It includes both high temperature and low temperature superconducting magnet leads along with thermometry at all critical stages of the cryostat. It also includes heaters at the chuck, 4 K plate and radiation shield for automatic temperature control and fast warm up of the system. A complete system includes a high quality microscope and CCD camera and color monitor, with typical resolutions of 2 to 5 microns, plus a magnet bi-polar power supply and automatic temperature controller.  

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