Janis Automated Control Box (JACoB ) for Dilution Refrigerator Gas Handling Systems

December 2009

The Janis Automated Control Box (JACoB) is a totally new automated control unit for the next generation Janis dilution refrigerator Gas Handling Systems (GHS2), which are currently intended for use with Janis Research's cryogen free dilution refrigerator systems (JDry series).  It includes the following features:


1.     All control electronics, including the highly reliable National Instruments real-time operating system controller (cRIO), are located inside a 19” rack enclosure;


2.     A single manifold incorporates miniature Pfeiffer solenoid valves as well as pressure and flow sensors, and is easily removable and serviceable;


3.     A color touch-panel computer functions as human machine interface (HMI) and contains the flow diagram with all valves, pumps, compressor, and gauges. The HMI is accessible via touch-fields as well as via mouse/key-board – no need for mechanical knobs any more!


4.     The HMI WindowsTM XP computer communicates with the controller via internal LAN, and can be accessed (or located) remotely via the Internet;


5.     JACoB communicates via GPIB with LSCI 370 AC resistance bridge and optional Agilent 4263B LCR meter for temperature measurements;


6.     A built-in UPS allows up to one hour of full system functionality in the event of a power loss;


7.     The system provides full control over vacuum pumps and pulse tube cryocooler compressor operation, including status check and interlocks;


8.     Data logging to internal or external hard drive is provided, including all temperatures, pressures and flow rates;


9.     JACoB does not require an individual Labview license.  


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