HE-3-SSV-PT-2 Cryogen Free Helium-3 Cryostat

March 2010

In the midst of the current He-3 gas shortage crisis, Janis Research Company is very proud to announce development of the next generation cryogen-free He-3 cryostat system, with substantially enhanced operating efficiency.

The Janis model HE-3-SSV-PT-2 offers 115 hours of continuous operation at temperatures <300mK. This represents a 100% increase in operating time, while using the same amount of He-3 gas as the previous generation system.

Alternatively, 50 hours of continuous operation can be achieved while using only 50% as much He-3 compared with previous models. Conserving limited He-3 resources makes good sense, and also significantly reduces the cost of the system.

Visit our HE-3-SSV-PT-2 product page or contact Dr. Zuyu Zhao at zzhao@janis.com for additional information.


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