Sub-K He-3 Cryostat for ARPES Application Reaches Base Temperature of 625 mK

August 2012

After Janis Research Company developed the world’s first sub-K powerful He-3 cryostat for Angular Resolution Photo-Emission Spectroscopy (ARPES) application installed at Berlin Electron Storage Ring Society for Synchrotron (BESSY) a couples of years ago, we are proud to announce that a second sub-K with improved design has been successfully tested, and it has reached the base temperature of 625mK, which is a significantly lower that of ~ 900mK for the first system. The new system will be installed at the Institute of Physics (IOP) at Beijing, China soon.

Click here to visit the He-3-BLSUHV-CF web page for more information including specifications and typical performance chart.

Visit our Facebook page to see photos of the BESSY system at in the Photos tab.

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HE-3-BLSUHV-CF for ARPES Close Up of Sample Area Temperature Controller Readings


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