New 4 Kelvin Closed Cycle Cryostat Stands (Cold) Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

December 2012

Click image to enlarge size of SHI-4-2 4 K cryocooler photo.Janis Research Company is pleased to announce that it is now offering a new 4 kelvin(K) closed cycle system with 0.2 Watts of cooling power at 4.2 K. The new SHI-4-2 system employs an almost identical cold head to the SHI-4-1 system but provides twice the cooling power at a cost reduction of 10-20%! The improved economics seen by the SHI-4-2 solely derives from a more prudent choice of compressor. Whereas the old model utilized an air-cooled compressor, the SHI-4-2 comes with choice of either air- or water-cooled compressors.

The SHI-4-2 system is an ideal investment for prolonged cryogenic applications as the expense of liquid cryogens is rising at an astronomical rate. Even without the use of cryogens, this system can attain temperatures less than 4K in about 120 minutes and can be operated up to room temperature (300K).

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