Reliable and efficient (10 W @ 80 K), the StirlingCool-10 expands Janis's HTc and cryogen-free offerings

February 2013

Click image to enlarge size of StirlingCool-10 free piston Stirling cryocooler and drive unit photo.Janis Research Company (Janis), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cryogenic research equipment, has announced the launch of an exciting new cryocooler product, the Janis StirlingCool-10.

The StirlingCool-10, or “SC-10,” is a free piston Stirling cryocooler (FPSC) with base temperature of <50 K and cooling power of 10 watts @ 80 K. Using only pure helium gas as the refrigerant, this environmentally-friendly cryocooler is compact, lightweight, and efficient, requiring less than 400 watts at full power operation. The StirlingCool-10 is also virtually maintenance free, with no high pressure displacer seals to wear out as in conventional cryocoolers.

Applications include detector cooling for nuclear, safety, security and environmental industries, industrial and academic R&D, analytical instruments, medical instruments, HTc superconductivity, and more.

The standard StirlingCool-10 is comprised of two components, the cryocooler module and the electronics drive unit. The drive unit is connected to 100-240 VAC main input power, and supplies appropriate power to operate the cryocooler. A cryogenic or process temperature controller is used to regulate the cryocooler at the desired temperature.

According to Scott Azer, Janis Vice President of Business Development, the StirlingCool-10 delivers a unique and timely combination of energy and cost efficiency for a broad range of industries and applications. “At Janis, we are guided by a dual commitment to quality and innovation and the StirlingCool-10 delivers on both. Given the increasing demand for cryogen-free offerings, we are pleased to provide this new Stirling cryocooler to our customers – OEMs and end users alike.”

Founded in 1961, Janis designs and builds standard and custom cryogenic devices for a variety of experiments using liquid helium, liquid nitrogen, and cryogen free technology.

For more information visit the model StirlingCool-10 web page. 


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