Custom Cryogenic Systems Meet Sub-Kelvin SPM Requirements

June 2013

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If you need custom designed cryostats and refrigerators to meet Sub-Kelvin Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) requirements, check with Janis Research Co., LLC of Woburn, Massachusetts. They have over 50 years experience designing and manufacturing cryostats to provide quiet, low vibration, and low RF noise environments for atomic resolution scanning probe microscopy.

Janis Custom Cryogenic Systems are built to specification and incorporate a modular design which can provide multiple features in one unit including 0.009 K to 1 K range, UHV < 10^-10 Torr or better, and up to 17 T magnetic fields using solenoid magnets and to 9-4 T or 9-1-1 T using Vector magnets. For optimum atomic resolution, these robust all-welded systems use proprietary refrigeration designs to eliminate intrinsic acoustic noise.

Capable of B/T of 10^3 T/K, Janis Custom Cryogenic Systems are highly customizable with standard features including all electropolished stainless steel, gold plated copper, silver plated aluminum, proprietary wiring, pre-cooling methods such as mechanical heat switches, and IR shutters. Fully automatic gas handling systems with a color touch screen provides one-button cool-down. 

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