Miniature Transporation Sample Vacuum Chamber for Micro-manipulated Probe Stations

October 2013

Janis Research Company is pleased to announce that it is offering a patent pending, miniature, transportable sample vacuum chamber capable of maintaining a sample in vacuum during transportation via an atmosphere environment. The vacuum chamber can be used for transferring wafer/substrates under vacuum from a glove box with special environment into a vacuum or cryogenic micro-manipulated probe station (or into a vacuum chamber) and back into the glove box after testing, measurements or preparations. This transportable vacuum chamber protects the wafer/substrates from atmospheric contamination both on loading and unloading.

Unlike a common vacuum load lock the vacuum chamber has the following features and benefits.

  • typical sizes of 50 mm diameter and 25 mm thickness
  • no gate valves required
  • very convenient and easy operation
  • low cost
  • mounting of the transportable sample mount without increasing base temperature of the cryogenic probe station

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