5-axis High Power sub-Kelvin Helium-3 Cryostat for ARPES

January 2014

After successfully developing the world’s first 4-axis high power sub-Kelvin He-3 cryostat for Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy (ARPES) application in 2008, Janis Research’s ultra low temperature (ULT) group is proud to announce a 5-axis high power sub-K He-3 cryostat for ARPES application has been successfully tested recently, and it has the following performance specifications:

Five (5) degree of freedom: X-motion, Y-motion, Z-motion, Phi (azimuthal), and theta (tilt)

Base temperature on the rotating/tilting sample holder: 840mK

Azimuthal rotation range: 195 degree

Tilting range: +/- 30 degrees

Cooling power with phi =0 and theta = 0: see plot

UHV compatible

Baking temperature: 90 degree C

Janis special model HE-3-BLSUHV-CF-sub-K 5-axis sub-Kelvin helium-3 cryostat for ARPES.  Tejas Deshpande, CalTech graduate student, and Ashley Huff, Janis Lab Technician, perform a LHe transfer.  Reference 15755

Performing a LHe Transfer on Janis model HE-3-BLSUHV-CF
5-axis sub-Kelvin Helium-3 Cryostat for ARPES

Temperature on the Rotating/Tilting Sample Holder showing Rotator vs Time, reference 15755

Temperature on the Rotating/Tilting Sample Holder showing Cooling Power vs Temperature, reference 15755

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