Accessories and Ancillary Equipment

Cryogenic Accessories

A wide range of accessories are available. Whether you want to adapt a new cryostat to your existing laboratory, upgrade an old cryostat or need accessories for a new experiment, Janis can help. Click here for information on sample holders and vacuum & thermal grease.


Accessories to upgrade old cryostats for new experiments

Most Janis cryostats are equipped with blank feedthrough ports and removable sample holders. Should your experimental requirements change, Janis is ready to supply electrical feedthroughs, sample holders and temperature sensors that can easily be installed in the field. We can also supply new windows to allow access of different regions of the electromagnetic spectrum and even new vacuum shrouds and radiation shields should you need them.


Accessories for day to day running

A full range of thermal anchoring and vacuum greases suitable for use with Janis cryostats is in stock, as are rolls of wire for use in electrical measurements.


Accessories for cryostat maintenance

Heater kits, indium wire and epoxies for use on Janis cryostats are all available and in stock for fast delivery. All equipment is supplied with full instructions for use, and our experienced staff are on hand for detailed advice on the maintenance of all Janis cryostats.


Electrical Measurement Package

Virtually any Janis Research system can be equipped for measuring the electrical characteristics of a sample. A typical package includes multipin DC or coaxial connectors, as well as resistivity style sample holder and wiring.


Accessories for holding larger dewars

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  • Ladish to NW Flange Adaptor

  • NW-25 Port for Standard Instrumentation Skirt

  • Ladish to Conflat Adaptor

  • VPF to FHT-ST Liquid Helium Transfer Line Adaptor

  • Inlet Tube Adaptor for Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar


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  • Araldite

  • Versamid/DER


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  • 8, 10 or 19-pin Electrical Feedthroughs

  • 32-pin Electrical Feedthroughs

  • BNC Electrical Feedthroughs

  • SMA Electrical Feedthroughs

  • Triax Electrical Feedthroughs

  • Thermocouple Feedthroughs

  • Window Fiber Feedthroughs

  • Break-out Boxes

  • Adaptor - Ladish-Conflat

  • Adaptor - NW-25 Feedthrough

Greases - Vacuum and Thermal

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Ladish Equipment

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  • Ladish Flanges, Gaskets and Clamps

Sample Holders

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  • Standard (Resistivity, Optical, Blank)

  • Cuvette

  • Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC)

  • Dual Inline Pin (DIP) Socket

  • Fixed Probe

  • Leadless Chip Carrier (LCC)

  • Special Compact Three-Position

  • Special Resistivity

  • Customer-Designed

Sample Positioners

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  • Double Rotating

  • Precision Rotator for He-4 & He-3 Cryostats

  • Precision Sample Positioner with a Special Compact 3-position Sample Holder

  • Special Sample Positioner with DIP Socket Sample Holder

Swedish Rotators

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Vacuum Shrouds

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Window Blocks

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  • Bottom Window

  • Mylar Window

  • PE or KRS-5 Outer Windows

  • ZnSe or Polyethylene Outer Windows

  • Re-entrant Window


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Miscellaneous Parts

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