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NOTE: Pricing listed (in US Dollars) is for DOMESTIC (US and Canada) customers and does not include any additional testing and integration. Foreign pricing may be higher. Warranties vary from unit to unit. Consult Janis or your local representative for further details.


STVP-400 Special Value

$7,000.00 with one year warranty.
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Model STVP-400:  a high-efficiency, continuous flow optical cryostat system with sample in vapor – ideal for poorly conducting or oddly shaped samples with quick sample exchange

Technical Description:
Temperature range: ~1.5-300 K (LHe); 77-300 K (LN2)
Initial cooldown time: ~15 minutes to 10K
Cryogen consumption: <1.1 l/hr at 5 K
Sample changeover time: 2 minutes or less
(Specifications assume no radiational or experimental heat load)

The system includes:
  • High-efficiency dual-functional liquid helium/LN SuperTran cryogen flexline; 
  • 1.5" O.D. sample chamber with special isothermal zone providing uniform sample temperature along with enhanced functionality when using LN, including four (4) 0.75" diameter clear view indium sealed UV-grade fused silica windows; vaporizer with 25 ohm control heater and standard curve Si-diode temperature sensor;
  • Adjustable sample positioner allowing sample rotation and translation, one (1) 8-pin and one (1) 10-pin electrical feedthrough wired to a 10 ohm control heater and a standard-curve Si-diode temperature sensor installed at sample mount; gold-plated (over Ni) optical sample holder installed; 
  • Special thermally anchored square optical radiation shield having four (4) cooled 1.12" diameter clear view UV-grade fused silica windows; 
  • Special square vacuum shroud with 4.0" square window block having four (4) 1.50" diameter clear view UV-grade fused silica windows.
RMC-Cryosystems 1/4 watt, 4.2 K closed cycle refrigerator with cold head module LTS-1C-4.2CH

RMC closed cycle refrigerator on sale from Franklin & Marshall College.

$ Cost to Crate and Ship This is a CTI-Cryogenics cold head (we believe Model 350C), with a Joule-Thompson expansion valve 3rd stage added by RMC. This 3rd stage gets its high-pressure helium gas flow from the supply line for the cold head, but requires its own pumped return line using the same standard connection fittings and an additional stage of compression. Includes an RMC 4000 temperature controller. The compressor module leaks. Offered AS IS for free. You pay to crate it and ship it. Direct inquiries to Franklin & Marshall Department of Physics and Astronomy Coordinator at 717-358-4136 or at


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