10 Kelvin Closed Cycle Refrigerator Systems from Janis and SHI

Sumitomo (SHI) 10 K Refrigerator - CH-202 (1.8 Watt @ 20 K)


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These systems provide 1.8 Watts of cooling at a temperature of 20 K at the second stage (50 Hz) and can reach a minimum temperature of <10 K (with no parasitic or experimental heat loads).



Standard Configuration

Please note: Janis Research currently uses Model DE-202 cold heads.  However, we are transitioning to the Model CH-202 coldhead.  We expect the transition to be complete December 2010.  Please contact Janis for details on the Model DE-202 coldheads.  These systems provide 1.8 Watts of cooling at a temperature of 20 K at the second stage and can reach a minimum temperature of <10 K (with no parasitic or experimental heat loads). Please see our Compressor page for more information.


  • Refrigeration Capacity 1.8 W @ 20 K
  • Orientation Independent
  • Push-button Operation

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  • Mechanical drawing (PDF) (This is a secured document and we were not able to rotated the pages.  However, while viewing the document, you can right click on the page and select "rotate clockwise" for easy viewing.)
  • Load Map (50 Hz & 60 Hz) (PDF)

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Refrigeration Cycle Modified Gifford-McMahon
Refrigeration Capacity
(Vertical Position)
50 Hz 1st stage: 7.3 W @ 77 K
2nd stage: 1.8 W @ 20 K
60 Hz 1st stage: 8.8 W @ 77 K
2nd stage: 2.2 W @ 20 K
Lowest Temperature 2nd Stage † <10 K
Cooldown Time 2nd Stage † 50 Hz: <75 Min.
60 Hz: <65 Min.
Coldhead Ambient Temperature: 4-40 °C (40-104 °F)‡

Weight: 6.8 kg (15 lbs.)

Maintenance Interval: 13,000 Hours
Compressor Model: HC-4E1

Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs.)

Maintenance Interval: 30,000 Hours
Electrical Power 1 Phase
200, 230/240 V, 50 Hz
208/230 V, 60 Hz
Power Consumption (50/60 Hz) 2.6/3.0 kW
Flexline Length 10'
Flexline Weight ~4.5 lbs. per line

† Lowest temperature, cooldown time are for reference. (Depending on ambient temperature, cooling water temperature, etc.)
‡ Cooling capacity may degrade by max. 5% if ambient temperature is above 28 °C.
Specifications subject to change without notice.


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