4 Kelvin Closed Cycle Refrigerator Systems from Janis and SHI

Custom Engineered and Specialized 4 K Closed Cycle Cryostat Systems


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In addition to standard catalog systems, Janis Research has complete custom design and fabrication capabilities. Our staff of physicists and engineers can design a system based on your specifications and requirements. We also maintain comprehensive records of previously-built systems and can often meet new requirements with an existing design.

Janis Research can provide specialized 4 K cryostat systems for operation over very wide temperature ranges (<2 K - 800 K). Different cryostat window options can be offered to allow experiments from the far-IR to gamma-ray regimes. The physical dimensions of our cryostat systems can be varied to give the required internal space for any experiments, and the outer vacuum shrouds can be modified to fit within the bore-gap of today's smaller, more powerful magnet systems.

Other Configurations

Possible designs include:

  • Cold-plate cryostat systems for experiments requiring larger sample volumes (see below)
  • Systems for matrix isolation experiments requiring the introduction and freezing of gas samples
  • UHV sample environments and UHV chamber integration
  • Cryogen free superconducting magnet systems (see below)
  • Systems configured for helium droplet experiments
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Cryostat with Large-diameter Sample Area


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