Liquid Helium, Cryogen Free

Dilution Refrigerators - Ultra Low Temperature Systems

Janis Research offers a complete line of standard dilution refrigerator (DR) systems or stand-alone DR cores and stages, as well as custom systems. Below you will find links to our entire product line. Please contact Janis to discuss your application's requirements.

Standard Dilution Refrigerator Systems

(Models JDR-100, JDR-250, JDR-500, JDR-750)

Standard Dilution Refrigerator Stages

(Models JDR-100-DP-Stage, JDR-250-DP-Stage, JDR-500-DP-Stage, JDR-750-DP-Stage)

Custom Dilution Refrigerators

(Including Light Tight Systems and UHV Compatible Systems for STM Applications)

Cryogen Free Dilution Refrigerators

(Models JDry-100, JDry-250, JDry-500, JDry-750)

Automated Gas Handling Systems (GHS2) for Cryogen Free Dilution Refrigerators

(Model GHS2)

Dilution Refrigerator Magnet Systems


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