JDry Series Cryogen Free Dilution Refrigerators


JDry-500 Cryogen Free Dilution Refrigerator from Janis Research, ultra low temperature, cryogenic equipment

Janis Research offers cryogen free dilution refrigerators. The JDry series provide convenient and affordable cooling of samples and devices at ultra low temperatures.



Standard Configuration

Click image to enlarge view of illustration of JDry-100 cryogen free dilution refrigerator from Janis ResearchThe Janis JDry series provides convenient and affordable cooling of samples and devices to temperatures ~10 mK, with cooling power greater than 400 µW at 100 mK. The system uses a pulse-tube mechanical cryocooler, eliminating the need for liquid cryogens. Based on the modular Janis JDR technology, the JDry series brings a new level of simplicity and reliability to research applications requiring mK temperatures.

Standard Features

  • Standard pulse-tube pre-cooling to 3 K – no cryogens required
  • Manually actuated mechanical heat-switch
  • Mixture condensing with built-in JT stage at pressure <1 bar absolute – no compressor required
  • Standard JDR CORE installed into standard vacuum enclosure
  • Resistive temperature sensors installed on all stages with proper wiring and heat-anchoring, including Janis
  • Resistive Sensor (JRS1000) calibrated down to 10 mK
  • Automated gas handling system (GHS2) with oil-free pumps, electromagnetic valves, cRIO controller, color touch-panel and integrated LSCI 370S Resistance Bridge
  • 32 shielded manganin wires in twisted pairs, installed and thermally anchored for experimental applications
  • Optimized 3He-4He mixture included


  •  Various models of vapor-shielded helium dewars, including superefficient
  • Top- or bottom-loading superconducting magnets, including vector and split-magnets
  • Helium-cooled or cryogen-free superconducting magnets
  • Automated heat-switch with step-motor driver
  • Manual Gas Handling Systems GHS1
  • Oil-free pumps, including Roots and turbo models
  • Normal and superconducting RF wires in shielded twisted pairs down to mixing chamber
  • High frequency (up to 40 GHz) cables down to mixing chamber
  • Sample-into-vacuum delivery manipulators
  • Self-calibrating CMN and FPD thermometry down to 7 mK with read-out
  • Remote motor

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Model Name Guaranteed Base Temperature Guaranteed Cooling Power at 100 mK
Model JDry-100 20 mK 100 micro-watt
Model JDry-250 12 mK 200 micro-watt
Model JDry-500 10 mK 400 micro-watt
Model JDry-750 9 mK 500 micro-watt


Chart of Model JDry-100 Cooling Power

Model JDry-100 cryogen free dilution refrigerator cooling power chart, Janis Research, ultra low temperature, cryogenics

Chart of Model JDry-500 Cooling Power


JDry-500 cooling power chart, cryogen free dilution refrigerator, ultra low temperature, Janis Research

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Other Configurations

Janis Research has designed many custom cryogen free dilution refrigerator systems.  Some custom options include:

  • Systems with wide range of tilting angles in 70° span
  • Design can include large optical windows up to 200 mm in diameter
  • Cryoperm and superconducting magnetic fields
Click image to enlarge view of model JDry-100-ASTRA cryogen free dilution refrigerator for astronomy, cosmic microwave background studies

Model JDry-100-ASTRA
Cryogen free dilution refrigerator for cosmic microwave background studies.

Click image to enlarge view of JDry-500-TLSV

Model JDry-500-TLSV
Top-loading cryogen free dilution refrigerator system with sample in vacuum. Sample base temperature of 20 mK - 40 mK depending on the wires and coaxial cables installed on the sample mount.

ACT telescope is located inside of the micro-wave shield seen here at 5140 meters above the sea-level in site on Cerro Toco, in Northern Chile.Receiver positioning scheme on the telescope optical axis inside the cabin.  Neutral cabin floor position is tilted down at 5 percent to horizon, bringing both pulse tube-tubes to vertical positions.Receiver cross-section, showing preliminary design with two of three optic tubesJDry-100-ACTPol in its test enclosure, attached to the automated Gas Handling System GHS4, during its test at Janis.The Receiver during final tests at University of Pennsylvania test facility before shipping to Chile, fully assembled and with electronics attached.  Three optical inputs are seen, one with Teflon window exposed.

JDry-100-ACTPol Cryogen Free Dilution Refrigerator for the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT)
Janis Research’s ultra low temperature (ULT) group is proud to announce that it has developed, in collaboration with multi-agency scientific collaboration team called ACTPol, a new pulse-tube cooled cryogenic platform for the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT). The ACT is a six-meter Gregorian telescope located at an altitude of 5,200 meters (17,000 ft) on Cerro Toco, in Northern Chile, and is dedicated to studies of the structure and evolution of the early universe through direct observation of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation at different polarizations and with arcminute resolution.


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