HE-3-TLOSL Optical Cryostat - Top Sample Loading, Sample in Liquid


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The model HE-3-TLOSL cryostat has optical access to the sample as well as top loading of the sample into the cryostat.




Standard Configuration

The model HE-3-TLOSL cryostat has optical access to the sample as well as top loading of the sample into the cryostat. This allows the sample to be removed from and introduced into the He-3 chamber while the cryostat is cold. Optical windows are installed on the vacuum shroud, the radiation shields, and the He-3 sample chamber. This permits a light beam to travel through the cryostat vacuum, without passing through the shielding cryogenics (nitrogen and He-4). The system includes a sample probe and a vac-lock system with gate valve, plus an external gas handling system for safe insertion and removal of the sample in and out of the He-3 chamber.

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HE-3-TLOSL Optical Cryostat Mechanical Drawing

This He-3 cryostat includes the following components:

  • Charcoal sorption pump with heater and thermometer
  • 1 K pot with thermometer
  • He-3 pot (sample chamber)
  • High efficiency liquid helium cryostat
  • Load-lock
  • Sample probe with thermal anchor stage, thermometer, and heater
  • Optical windows
  • External gas handling system with stored He-3 gas
  • External sorption cryo-pump
  • Operation test


  • Resistive and/or superconducting wires
  • Coaxial cables
  • Computer controller motorized 1 K pot cryogenic needle valve
  • Rotating sample holder
  • Low eddy current cold finger
  • High efficiency helium dewar
  • Automatic temperature controller
  • Superconducting magnet 
  • Magnet support with high current leads
  • IVC tail for superconducting magnet
  • Magnet power supply
  • Helium level sensor and read out
  • Liquid helium transfer line 
  • 1 K pot pumping station
  • Turbo pumping station 

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Performance Specification:

Base temperature: 400 mK (typical, depending on window size)
Holding time at base temperature: 16 - 24 hours (typical)
Operation temperature range: 0.3 K - 80 K (300 K optional)
Sample space: 0.5" - 1.0"


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