CNRD LHe Research Dewars - LN2 Shielded


These dewars have a completely enclosed liquid nitrogen reservoir for increased cryogen efficiency and are available in a wide range of sizes.

Standard Configuration

These dewars have a completely enclosed nitrogen reservoir,which can be accessed through separate fill and vent tubes.  This design, along with the multi-layer superinsulation around the nitrogen reservoir, results in a reduced nitrogen consumption and less frozen condensation at the top of the unit.

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Mechanical drawing of model CNRD liquid helium research dewars (LN2 shielded) from Janis Research
Model A B Nominal
Helium Capacity
Nitrogen Capacity
5CNRD 5 9 8 Liters 11 Liters
6CNRD 6 10 11 Liters 13 Liters
7CNRD 7 11 16 Liters 15 Liters
8CNRD 8 13 20 Liters 22 Liters
9CNRD 9 14 26 Liters 24 Liters
10CNRD 10 15 32 Liters 27 Liters
12CNRD 12 17 46 Liters 31 Liters
NOTES: Other sizes available.

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