Probe Stations Incorporating Magnets


Probe station designs incorporating an electromagnet, superconducting magnet, or permanent magnets are available for magnetic field dependent measurements. The system is ideal for the study of magneto-optical and magneto-electrical properties in a variety of experiments, including quantum dots, spintronic devices and nanoscale electronics.

Probe Stations with horizontal magnetic field parallel to the sample mount plane

Probe stations combined with a room temperature electromagnet that offers a variable horizontal magnetic field of up to 0.6 T (6000 Gauss) with typical field homogeneity of 2% over a 25 mm diameter.   

Probe stations incorporating two inexpensive cylindrical permanent magnets to create variable horizontal magnetic field up to 1000 Gauss.

Probe Stations with vertical magnetic field perpendicular to the sample mount plane

Probe station combined with a superconducting magnet that offers a variable vertical magnetic field up to 3 Tesla with typical field homogeneity of 5% over a 10 mm diameter. 

Probe stations incorporating an inexpensive set of six ring permanent magnets. The vertical magnetic field can be step varied between 2000 Gauss and 300 Gauss.

Probe Station Datasheet

Please click here to download the Probe Station datasheet (750 KB). The downloaded file will be in PDF format which is viewable and printable with Acrobat Reader, a free plug-in utility from Adobe.

To download the free acrobat plug-in software click here.

Flexible Probe Tips

Please click here to read about Janis Research's new technique of cryogenic probe station special flexible probe tips that allows absorbing the probe arm thermal drift movement during variable DUT temperature measurements.

Miniature, Transportable Sample Vacuum Chamber

Please click here to read about Janis Research's patent pending, miniature, transportable sample vacuum chamber.

Customer Papers

Interested in seeing what other Janis customers have accomplished with their probe stations? Click here to see a list of some of their research papers. Click here for a presentation on Janis probe stations with a selection of applications and reference papers from a few of our probe station customers.

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