Probe Stations Incorporating Superconducting Magnets

Superconducting Magnets Specifications

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Probe Station Datasheet

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Flexible Probe Tips

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Vibration level: Less than 1 micron
Vacuum environment: ~10-5-10-6 mbar
Temperature range: 5 K to 420 K (with possible field limitation at the higher temperatures)
Conductively cooled 3.0 Tesla solenoid with vertical field direction: Homogeneity of 5% over a 10 mm diameter and an operating current of approximately 35 A
Cryogenic consumption: Helium: ~2.5 liter/hr;
Nitrogen: less than 0.1 liter/hr (without magnetic field)
Temperature stability: ± 50 mK
Cooling time (for standard 2" diameter
[50 mm] sample mount):
~2 hours
Warming up time: ~3 hours with quick warming up option (~5-6 hours without)
Sample mounts:
2" (50 mm) diameter
Ground Chuck

Electrically Isolated Chuck with Bias Voltage Coaxial Cable

Triaxially Guarded Chuck with Cryogenic Triaxial Cable

Special Chuck for Light Transmission Experiments
Up to Six Interchangeable Probe Arms: DC/LF probes: DC to 20 MHz with following tips available:
- Tungsten tips with 0.1 to 200 micron tip radius (optional gold plating)
- Special Tungsten bendable shank and tips (cat whisker)
- Beryllium Copper soft tip with low contact resistance

Coaxial: recommended for currents higher than 1 pA
with leakage current of 1 fA to 2 fA at 1V: recommended for currents lower than 1 pA

Microwave probes:
0-40 GHz
0-50 GHz
0-67 GHz

Fiber probes:
Single Mode
UV-VIS or VIS-IR Multimode
Optical top viewport access:
(different window materials available)
Standard 2.0" (51 mm) clear aperture window
Optional up to 3" (76 mm) clear view window
Radiation shield optical top viewport access: (different window materials available including IR absorbing) Standard 2.0" (51 mm) clear view window
Optional up to 3" (76 mm) clear view window
Ultra-high stability, bipolar, four quadrant superconducting magnet DC power supply 1 mA/hr stability, with programmable field sweep capabilities and IEEE-488 or RS-232 interface. Includes digital displays of magnet current (0.1 mA resolution), magnetic field, set point, sweep rate (as low as 0.1 mA/sec) as well as magnet or power supply voltage, a built in persistent switch heater power source and a quench protection / ramp-down circuit.
Monoscopes with LCD 19" monitor or USB camera and precise translation stages 6.4:1 zoom, 5 microns resolution (216X magnification)
12.5:1 zoom, 3.4 microns resolution (508X magnification)
16.1 zoom 2.2 microns (626X magnification)
Probe travel: ST-1 ST-2
X-axis: 1" (25 mm) 2" (50 mm)
Y-axis: 1" (25 mm)
(15 mm with MW Probes)
2" (50 mm)
(40 mm with MW Probes)
Z-axis: 10 mm (18 mm optional) 10 mm (18 mm optional)
X-, Y-, Z-axes probe translation (incremental units of graduation): 10 microns 12.5 microns
Probe translation resolution: X-, Y-, Z-axes:
Optional motorized stages with translation resolution up to
0.1 micron
5 microns 6.25 microns


Optional Items:

  • Additional interchangeable probe arms
  • Additional vacuum chamber ports for possible future upgrade with more probe arms (up to 6 ports total)
  • Additional electrical feedthroughs with cables and wires to sample area
  • Additional metering flow control valve with variable flow (3.6 to 72 Torrl/sec) to introduce different gases into the vacuum chamber
  • System customization options
  • Automatic Temperature Controllers
  • Turbo pumping station including a back-up mechanical pump or oil free diaphragm pump
  • Cost efficient mechanical pumping station for pumping the probe station vacuum chamber
  • Pump-line vibration isolator between the pump and the probe station
  • Pneumatic vibration isolation table with or without portable ultra-quiet air compressor
  • Mechanical pumping station for operation below 4.5 K by pumping helium vent port
  • Liquid nitrogen storage dewar with inlet adapter to accept the probe station transfer line
  • Low vapor pressure thermal anchoring greases
  • Special miniature vacuum chamber to transfer sample under vacuum from Glove Box to Probe Station


The model CCR-SCON closed Cycle (cryogen free) probe station incorporating a superconducting magnet has the following specifications:

  • Temperature range with four probe arms:  5 K - 420 K
  • Magnetic field:  3 T vertical
  • Vacuum:  10-5-10-6 mbar
  • # of probes:  2-6 probes
  • Sample size:  50 mm
  • Vibration level:  <1 micron

Customer Papers

Interested in seeing what other Janis customers have accomplished with their probe stations? Click here to see a list of some of their research papers. Click here for a presentation on Janis probe stations with a selection of applications and reference papers from a few of our probe station customers.

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