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SuperTran-VP Continuous Flow Cryostat Systems - Sample in Vapor

STVP-100 Optical Cryostat Systems

Optical continuous flow cryostats with three standard sizes available, although as with all Janis systems these systems can be customized to suit your experiment. Systems with a 1.5" sample space are in stock for fast delivery.

STVP-100-FTIR Cryostat Systems

Optical continuous flow cryostats for FTIR applications. These cryostats are similar to our standard model STVP-100 cryostats, but with the modifications for integrating the cryostat with your spectrometer system.

STVP-200 Non-optical Cryostat Systems

Continuous flow cryostats with tubular tails for non-optical experiments, with a range of sizes available.

STVP-200-NMR Non-optical Cryostat Systems

Similar to the standard STVP-200 Tubular System, but custom designed for NMR Spectroscopy.

Compact Systems

Contact Janis for systems for non-optical experiments with limited space.

Basic System Specifications

Double rotating sample positioner

Janis offers special sample positioners with the ability to rotate the sample about the optical axis of the cryostat.

Options & Accessories 


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