STVP-200-NMR Cryostat for NMR Spectroscopy


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Similar to the standard STVP-200 Tubular System, but custom designed for NMR Spectroscopy.





Standard Configuration

The following drawing shows the Janis Research non-optical SuperTran-VP (STVP-200) cryostat for NMR spectroscopy. This continuous flow cryostat maximizes the internal sample space while still minimizing the cryostat outside diameter, providing a large 2.5" sample space while fitting within an 89 mm bore magnet. (Customized solutions are also available and can include smaller outer diameter to fit small bore magnets, or increased sample chamber diameter to accept larger probes.)

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STVP-200-NMR Mechanical Drawing

Options include:

  • Isothermal zone sample tube (provides uniform sample temperature and enhanced operation with LN2)

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Basic System Specifications - Continuous Flow Cryostats


Specification SuperTranVP
(Sample in Vapor)
Temperature Range 1.5-325 K
(consult with Janis for other temperatures)
Initial Cooldown Time 15 minutes
(STVP series: 100-400)
30 minutes
Nominal Temperature Stability (with controller) 50 mK or less
Orientation vertical for <4.5 K
System Weight (without transfer line) 15 lbs (6.8 kg)
Cryogen Consumption on Cooldown 0.5L LHe (325 - 4.2 K)
Nominal Cryogen Consumption Rate 1.3 L/Hr LHe (5 K)
(STVP-100 [1,2,3] and STVP-200 [1,2,3])
1.4 L/Hr LHe (5 K)
NOTE: Specifications do not include optical or experimental heat loads and assume vertical orientation.
NOTE: Consult Janis for high temperature or LN2 operations for SuperTran-VP.

Typical Cryogen Consumption of Optical SuperTran Cryostats

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Other Configurations

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Pictured to the right is a non-optical high temperature (475 K) STVP-300 specially designed for NMR experiments. It will be installed between the pole pieces and magnet windings of a very large electromagnet. Because the space between the magnet windings is limited, the bayonet arm and vent ports on this STVP-300 had to be made parallel to each other. The customer supplied a special NMR probe for use inside this cryostat, therefore, no sample positioner was included.


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