Systems for X-ray Diffraction

Click image to enlarge view of X-ray diffraction vacuum shroud for closed cycle refrigerators, both 4 K and 10 K, from Janis Research. Ref 8711, D04-08-02CrevBX-ray Diffraction Vacuum Shroud for Closed Cycle Refrigerator
Janis has a custom vacuum shroud for X-ray diffraction available for 4 K or 10 K closed cycle refrigerators.




Click on image to enlarge view of superconducting magnet model 3TL-STL-XRAY for use with Rigaku X-ray generator and Theta/Theta wide angle goniometer, Janis ResearchSuperconducting Magnet System for use with Rigaku X-ray Generator and Theta/Theta Wide Angle Goniometer
Shown to the right is a superconducting magnet system for use with a Rigaku X-ray generator and Theta/Theta Wide Angle Goniometer. The sample is placed in a high magnetic field (0 to 40,000 Gauss) and its temperature can be varied between 2.5 and 300 K. The sample can be introduced into the high field region and located precisely with the aid of a UHV compatible translation stage. Samples can be changed without disturbing or warming up the magnet or the dewar that contains it.

Two side looking windows offer a wide angle X-ray beam path to the sample (traveling in vacuum), allowing access to the incoming and diffracted beams through angles of 0 to 38. The compact design allows the magnet system to fit precisely within the confines of the X-ray generator and goniometer.

The complete system includes heaters, field independent thermometry, an automatic temperature controller and a superconducting magnet power supply for charging and discharging the magnet. A high efficiency helium transfer line is also included for continuous cool down of the sample.

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