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Basic system specifications — continuous flow cryostats

Liquid helium (ST and STVP) and liquid nitrogen (ST)

(sample in vacuum)
(sample in vapor)
Temperature range<2 to 325 K (ST series: 100 to 400)
(500 K, >700 K optional)
1.5 to 325 K
(consult us for other temperatures)
Initial cooldown time15 min
(ST series: 100 to 400)
25 min
15 min
(STVP series: 100 to 300)
30 min
Nominal temperature stability (with controller)50 mK or less50 mK or less
OrientationAny positionVertical for <4.5 K
System weight (without transfer line)10 lb (4.6 kg)15 lb (6.8 kg)
Cryogen consumption on cooldown0.4 L LHe (325 to 4.2 K)
0.1 L LN2 (325 to 77 K)
0.5 L LHe (325 to 4.2 K)
Nominal cryogen consumption rate0.6 L/h LHe (5 K)
(ST-100, ST-100-FTIR, ST-200, ST-300, ST-300S, ST-400-1, ST-400-2)
0.6 L/h LHe (5 K) (ST-300T)
0.9 L/h LHe (5 K) (ST-400-3)
1.1 L/h LHe (5 K) (ST-500)
2.2 L/h LHe (5 K) (ST-500-UC)
1.1 L/h LHe (5 K) (ST-500-attocube)
1.1 L/h LHe (5 K) (ST-500-LGV)
0.1 L/h LN2 (100 K)
1.3 L/h LHe (5 K)
(STVP-100 [1,2,3], STVP-200 [1,2,3])
1.4 L/h LHe (5 K)
NOTE: Specifications do not include optical or experimental heat loads and assume vertical orientation.
NOTE: Consult us for high temperature or LN2 operations for SuperTran-VP.