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Temperature Controllers

Janis offers temperature controllers from several manufacturers. This flexibility allows you to choose a controller that best matches your existing equipment and software, or to select the one with features most closely matched to your new equipment requirement. Janis sales engineers can assist in choosing the controller that best fits your technical requirements and budget. Contact Janis today for assistance. (All controllers supplied by Janis include an interface cable to match your Janis cryostat.)

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Temperature Controller Manufacturers

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  • Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. (LSCI)

  • -- Model 325

  • -- Model 335

  • -- Model 336

  • -- Model 350

  • -- Model 372

  • Cryogenic Control Systems, Inc. (Cryo-con)

  • -- Model 22C

  • -- Model 24C

  • -- Model 26

  • Scientific Instruments

  • -- Model 9700


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