Software, drivers, and utilities

MeasureLINK home screen

MeasureLINK™-MCS software provides a non-programming method for controlling an experimental environment, monitoring important system parameters, and coordinating the collection of measurement data. Integrated scripts enable you to easily develop custom solutions to collect, process, and present data.

In addition to MeasureLINK-MCS, there are packs you can install to support specific applications and run more advanced measurement routines. These application packs allow you to customize MeasureLINK by adding all the required instrument drivers, measurements, examples, and documentation.

MeasureLINK™ standard features

  • Coordinates all aspects of characterization experiments
  • Select a sequence of pre-written, drag-and-drop functional steps to control the environment (temperature, magnetic field, current, and voltage) and collect data
  • Automatically steps through user-defined sequences
  • Time-stamps readings and conditions at each measurement for a correlated dataset
  • Enables data collection visualization in real-time, with multi-variable charting of any data sequence as it occurs
  • Makes it easy to share coordinated, time-stamped experimental data with any external system or tool of choice, such as LabVIEW™, MatLab®, Python™, etc.
  • Data can be used for analysis, remote execution, or supervisory control
  • Custom scripting feature allows users to construct new and edit existing measurement scripts, providing complete control over every aspect of the experiment

MeasureLINK™ application packs

  • Extend the functionality of MeasureLINK™ by adding additional instrument drivers, scripts, examples, and documentation related to specific tasks
  • Quantum Design MultiVU™ application pack requires the additional purchase of ML-AP-MULTIVU
  • Download the applications you need
FORC Utility

First-Order-Reversal-Curve (FORC) utility

The FORC utility provides a convenient way for 7400 and 7400-S Series VSM users to set up and run FORC measurements. These measurements provide unprecedented insight into the magnetic properties of materials, information that is not possible to obtain from a hysteresis loop alone.

Supported products: Lake Shore 7400/7400-S Series VSMs
Magnetocaloric Effect Analysis Software

Magnetocaloric effect (MCE) analysis software

Offered in a free beta trial version, this software package allows Lake Shore 7300/7400 Series VSM users to more easily analyze candidate materials for magnetocaloric effect (MCE) behavior by calculating the magnetic entropy change and refrigerant capacity of the materials.

Supported products: Lake Shore 7300/7400/7400-S Series VSMs

Software drivers

USB, LabVIEW™, Python™, and IVI.NET

Firmware updates

Updated firmware files and installation instructions as well as Ethernet updates for selected instruments

Firmware updates for the 121, 224, 335, 336, 350, 372, 705, and 776

XIP firmware updates:

Ethernet firmware updates:

MeasureLINK for the 240 Series

240-tMeasureLINK for the 240 Series provides the ability to configure, maintain and directly monitor Lake Shore 240 Series cryogenic temperature sensor input modules.

There is also a zipped package for offline installation.

Please note: if you have installed version or older of MeasureLINK for the 240 Series, you need to uninstall that older version in order to install this newest update.

Firmware update
Download the latest 240 Series firmware update and install it using MeasureLINK.

PLC configuration file
Download the GSD file.